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Since 2007 Poste Restante has produced numerous large scale performances and they have been presented at festivals such as Baltic Circle Festival (FI), Santiago a Mil (CL) and Salzburger Festspiele (AT).

In Poste Restantes work the individual visitor holds the position of being the centre, the main character and final receiver. Each visitor is met with respect for her specific conditions and challenges. Information is always clear and the participation concrete. Decisions have to be made. Glasses have to be smashed. Fears have to be confronted.

The performances of Poste Restante come in the form of running activities. Sometimes unexpected but always honest. For example it can be a training facility for those of us that has difficulties with “having fun” or a telephone help-line for the politically downhearted.

Poste Restante works site- and situation specific and brings their visitors to unexpected locations such as abandoned offices, church aisles, anonymous backstreets and secluded ambassador villas. The space is often hyper realistic, functional and totally at the visitors disposal. The situation often has a scent of something familiar, sometimes in the form of an uncanny recognition and sometime in form of nostalgia. We move within the memory of the welfare state, in public waiting rooms and in the gymnastic halls and youth centres from the childhoods.

The performances deal with dilemmas that are hard to resolve, inner conflicts and shameful desires. There are rarely any simple answers or final solutions. Instead Poste Restante wants to give their visitors an opportunity to think complicated thoughts all way through and courage to take their emotions seriously.

Poste Restante is supported by Swedish Art Council.