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February 15, 2019

Linn Hilda Lamberg starts PhD in directing
Spring 2019 Linn Hilda Lamberg, the artistic director of Poste Restante, is starting her PhD in directing at the Department of Performing Arts at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Linn Hilda has, since founding Poste Restante in 2007, aimed to formulate an alternative to a theatre tradition that relates to its audience as a mass. Instead of being presented to the dilemma through representatives on stage, visitors to her work have for a decade been invited to experience the dilemma through first hand perception in the immediate here and now of immersive, participatory situations. Her main interest has been the emotional and intellectual process of the audience. This has given her reason to seek other ways of approaching the role of the director, both in terms of how the work is structured and how artistic integrity is constituted.

If the drama of the work is not to be perceived through identification with representatives on stage but through first hand encounters, how can a director navigate through the material during the rehearsal period?

By using her vast experience from immersive and participatory stage practices, in her research project the Vulnerable Director Linn Hilda aims to formulate a constructive criticism against conventions connected to the role of the director and explore how directing could be reformulated as a vulnerable act of admitting desire.

In addition to her doctorate, Linn Hilda will continue as usual as Poste Restante’s artistic director.