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Lonely Hearts Club

Lonely Hearts Club is an immersive and participatory performance work about loneliness, where the fragile and exposed meets the invulnerable. In a pop-up boutique you explore, together with a discrete guide, the contradictions between the individualistic fear of vulnerability and the inevitable longing for closeness. In their last production before merging to form the performing arts company O, Osynliga Teatern and Poste Restante invites you to a last dance. In the darkness, you are led through a choreography of wishes, a walk to Golgata, together with your most precious belonging. Are you here to forget or to yearn?

Concept; Linn Hilda Lamberg, Jens Nielsen and Tomas Rajnai
Direction; Jens Nielsen and Tomas Rajnai
Cast; Anton Österlund, Emelie Wahlman, Emma Stocke, Mikael Norinder, Sara Ribbenstedt
Music; Maria Stålhammar
Producer; Sofia Jonsson
Graphic design; Jacob Huurinainen and Leon Martinsen
Intern; Therese Alston
Lonely Hearts Club is a co-production between Poste Restante and Osynliga Teatern.

With support from: Stockholms Stad, Stockholms Läns Landsting, Kulturrådet

Lonely Hearts Club is performed between 29/11 - 10/12 2019 at Götgatan 78 in Stockholm.