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August 13, 2019

Première for collaboration project
On Saturday, Erika Lindahl's work Lakrimatorium will have its première in Bollebygd. The work is a participatory performance that deals with different relationships to grief and crying. It takes the form of a donation center that - based on the conviction of the inherent value of grief - receives, archives and mediates grief files between people. Guided by gentle, time-efficient staff, the visitor is given the opportunity to either donate or collect a donation - tailormade to their needs and preferences.

By combining techniques from participatory formats with real-time text production, Lakrimatorium aims to make room for the lonely and specific as well as the collective and universal aspects of grief, without putting those aspects in opposition to each other.

Lakrimatorium is produced by Erika Lindahl in co-production with Boy konsthall and in collaboration with Poste Restante. It will be performed on eight occasions fall 2019 in Bollebygd and Gothenburg.

Première: August 17, 2019 at Boy konsthall, Bollebygd.
Performance dates in Bollebygd: 17/8, 18/8, 23/8 and 24/8
Perforamance dates in Gothenburg: TBA
Languages: Swedish and English
Age: 16+

Watch the trailer here.

Book your tickets here.

You can find more info at the collaborative projects, at Boy konsthall's website and at fictionality.net.