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October 21, 2020

O presents It Takes a Village
The work will have a community centre materialize step by step inside Accelerator's premises, to finally be completed with a coffe cart and village community representatives.

The work explores our desire to meet in weakness. By highlighting and reevaluating different types of competences, we want to tend to trust in relation to a political climate where rural areas and cities are often polarized.

It Takes a Village will on 7/11 2020 take the form as an spatial installation. During early spring of 2021, the work will be populated and offer the visitor a deeply personal performance. On a booked time you will meet a specially compiled group of village community represenatatives that will offer you, and no one else, their undivided attention, guidance and support.

Dates for ticket release and performance will be announced on all of our channels and Accelerator's website.

Photo of Dingtuna Bygdegård by Leif Björklund.